4 May 2011 – Visit to Schools #26 and #28 in Vladivostok

We are so happy to be reuniting with the program’s twenty teachers from Primorsky Krai.  We and our five U.S. teachers visited two schools today, our first full day in Vladivostok launching our two week visit here. Wendy and Becky had visited School 28 in August when we were here, and it is so nice to be here this time with the students.

Our first visit was to Specialized Secondary School #28 of Foreign Languages where we learned more about the school from the school’s principal and observed instruction by program teachers, Natalia Simanchuk and Yulia Krut’ko. TJHSST Chemistry teacher Robin Taylor was ecstatic to see chemistry teaching in action. As a special treat during Natalia’s chemistry lesson two girls performed for us as shown in the picture to the right. Robin was the excited recipient of a periodic table of elements for her TJHSST chemistry class! We all took part in Yulia’s English class, preparing dialogues and presenting with the students as part of her lesson.  This is a tri-lingual school in Vladivostok focusing on English, Korean, and Russian languages in grades 1 – 11.

Our second visit was to Secondary Comprehensive School #26 Specializing in Foreign Languages where we reunited with program teacher Alexandra Eremenko and observed her teaching English with her students as well as her colleague’s computer science instruction. We also participated in a roundtable discussion on education systems in Russia and the United States. Students were very curious about what school life is like in the U.S..  U.S. teacher of Russian, Betsy Sandstrom, shared a power point about the programs at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Fairfax, VA.

Stay tuned for more from Primorsky Krai!    — Becky&Wendy


About Wendy Frazier

Co-Director of US-Russia Teacher Professional Development (USRTPD) Associate Professor of Science Education at George Mason University
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