9 May Victory Day Parade

The parade in Vladivostok for Victory Day, May 9th, was a unique opportunity to see first-hand the patriotism of the citizens of Vladivostok and their respect for military service men past and present. The entire parade route was flanked with sailors of the Pacific fleet and police – we dared not move beyond them, but we noticed children meandering past with gentle reminders to step back similar to what we’ve observed in the United States. Children are children 🙂

Victory Day Parade at the port in Vladivostok

During the first half of the parade, various military personnel marched down the parade route, sometimes accompanied by particular music for their group. Other times there was utter silence and reverence while they marched – so quietly that we could hear the jingle of the numerous medals flanking their chests.  There was such respect for these people who had served their country that it was felt throughout the crowd of bystanders.

The second half of the parade (another You Tube link to check out) included an opportunity for military personnel to showcase their tanks and transport vehicles. We are sure that some of you military buffs will enjoy

Tanks and heavier support vehicles all ride through

identifying them. There is so much respect among the people for the sacrifice that military personnel make for their country – it was an honor to be among them.

Please stay tuned for our next entry where we visit Ussirysk about 3.5 hours north of Vladivostok.

Warmest regards, Wendy & Becky


About Wendy Frazier

Co-Director of US-Russia Teacher Professional Development (USRTPD) Associate Professor of Science Education at George Mason University
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